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River Beaches


The Geopark’s river beaches are one of the main attractions in this region, with clean waters, adequate equipments and vigilance services, assured in many of these beaches during the whole summer and supervised by the General Department for the Environment.
All across this region, you will find idyllic places, among which the river beaches of Almaceda and Muro in Castelo Branco, Álvaro de Cambas in Oleiros, Aldeia Ruiva, Fróia, Malhadal and Cerejeira in Proença-a-Nova and Foz do Cobrão in Ródão.
In the summer time, these are main attraction for spending leisure and quality times, where visitors can enjoy the region’s natural resources, but also some leisure equipments, such as bars, restaurants, playgrounds, among others.


Almaceda (Castelo Branco)


This river goes through the village of Almaceda and preserves the natural course of the river, in a rustic environment near an old oil press which used the river as its motor.
Also known as “Poço do Lagar”, or “The oil press well”, it is located at about 33 km of Castelo Branco.



Additional information: W.C., change room, picnic park, playground, football field, volleyball field, canoes and bicycles.


Álvaro (Oleiros)


In Álvaro we can find not only a river beach but also a river pool with two sections: one for adults and one for children. These waters are also fit to the practice of nautical activities.

Additional information: Playground, picnic park, grills, bar, W.C., solarium, fountain, floating pool.

Activities: Pedestrianism, swimming, fishing, canoeing, water sports.


Cambas (Oleiros)


This river beach is located in the right bank of the Zêzere river, in the surroundings of a typical schist village. The area is calm and pleasant, fit for those who seek the tranquility of the countryside.

Additional information: lifeguard, universal access, picnic park, playground, first aid post, W.C., showers, bar and restaurant.

Activities: swimming, canoeing, adventure sports, volleyball, windsurfing


Açude Pinto (Oleiros)


This river beach, in the surroundings of Oleiros, has its own system of gates for water leveling, creating the perfect safe environment for children’s amusement. It also has a large lawn, filled with trees, in an inviting scenario.

Additional information: lifeguard, picnic park, grills, playground, children’s pool, parking spaces, first aid post, W.C., showers, bar, restaurant.

Activities: swimming, pedestrianism, fishing.


Aldeia Ruiva (Proença-a-Nova)


This river beach also has its own system of gates for water leveling. There is a wide range of equipments at your disposal, with lots of sand and shadow, an ideal place for hot summer days.

Additional information: lifeguard, picnic park, grills, playground, pool area, parking spaces, first aid post, W.C., showers, bar, restaurant.

Activities: playground and adventure sports


Fróia (Proença-a-Nova)


It is one of the 12 beaches in the country which receive the Quercu’s Gold Medal. It is located at about 2 km from Sobreira Formosa and a small dam retains the clean waters of the Fróia river, forming an area of 700 meters of water, including a children’s pool. There is also a typical schist house in this area and, not far away from here, in the Moitas’ region, there is the “Ciência Viva” center and the aerodrome, with its parachuting school.

Additional information: lifeguard, universal access, picnic park, grills, playground, children’s pool, parking spaces, first aid post, W.C., showers, bar, restaurant, library, sunshades.


Malhadal (Proença-a-Nova)


This is a space surrounded by thick vegetation and clean water, where the Isna river creates the perfect conditions to a day of rest and leisure.

Additional information: Golden Beach 2010, lifeguard, picnic park, grills, playground, children’s pool, floating pool, parking spaces, first aid post, W.C., showers, bar, restaurant.

Activities: pedestrianism, fishing, adventure sports.


Cerejeira (Proença-a-Nova)


This river beach is located on the Alvito river. With a short existence, it is already a reference in this region’s leisure spaces. It has a large stream, with rich surroundings in terms of fauna and flora.

Additional information: diving boards, w.c., bar, canoes


Alvito da Beira (Proença-a-Nova)


Located in the village of Alvito da Beira, on the bank of the Alvito stream, in a green valley, where the traditional architecture has not been neglected, this beach offers all the conditions for swimming, relaxing and resting. The Nooks and Charms Trail (PR5) starts at the beach, a footpath that will take you to along ancient canals that connected small villages around.

If you like diving marathons in Naturtejo Geopark, not far away you will find Cerejeira and Fróia Beaches.

Meimoa (Penamacor)


Located on the banks of the Meimoa river, next to the so-called Roman-Philippine bridge, the Meimoa Leisure Area has a bar and terrace, a river pool, futsal and beach football pitches, grass and shaded areas. In the Meimoa Leisure Zone you can dive, swim, close your eyes, relax and enjoy the landscape. Why not take a book and drink something fresh on the terrace, with a privileged view to the medieval bridge over Meimoa River? Here there is no lack of space and playground to have fun with all your family!

Benquerença – O Moinho (Penamacor)


The Leisure Area ‘O Moinho’ is located in the village of Benquerença (Penamacor). It is an extensive area with a large lawn and abundant shade. There, not far away, you will discover the Serra de Santa Marta Viewpoint or the charming Balcões Avenue, in Vale da Senhora da Póvoa. If you like diving marathons in Naturtejo Geopark, not far away you will find Meimoa Beach.

There is parking, a service area for motor caravans, a barbecue and a bar.

Meimão (Penamacor)


In the hugeness of the water of the Meimoa reservoir, you will find Meimão Leisure Area with excellent conditions to swim. It has a floating pool in the water with surveillance and sand, where you can put your towel to rest or enjoy the sun. You will also find a bar and bungalows to stay.

Facilities: picnic area, leisure area, floating pool, children's playground, car park, first aid post, sanitary facilities, showers, beach bar, barbecue facilities, Bungalows.

Activities: hiking, fishing, swimming,

Penedo dos Cágados (Vila Velha de Ródão)


At the foot of Serra das Talhadas, in the typical village of Foz de Cobrão, you will find the most recent swimming area in the territory, the River Beach of Penedo dos Cágados. Here, the Cobrão River (which soon flows into the Ocreza River), forms a fluvial pool through an traditional dam.
In the village you can see the traditional architecture, visit places such as the Linen and Weaving Museum, the Portas de Almourão viewpoint, the remains of ancient Roman gold mining, walk along the Schist’s Path or even do a refreshing activity of panning for gold in the river.

Sesmo (Castelo Branco)


Surrounded by hills and valleys, Sesmo River Beach is located near the Schist Village of Sarzedas. Beside enjoying refreshing moments on the river, you can walk along the footpathof Poço dos Sinos (PR6) or the Sarzedas Schist Trails – In the Mining Pits (PR3) that will take you through geosites from Naturtejo Geopark, such as Gatas Mines or Santa Maria Madalena Fountain.



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