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Time discovered through space.

600 million years preserved on rocks and landscapes that spread for more than 5.000 km2.

Amazing sites, where overwhelming nature is celebrated in ancient cultures. A region where Mother earth was particularly generous.

The Geopark Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional is a territory with an exceptional geological patrimony, of great scientific, aesthetic and educational value, conjugated with ecological, cultural and historical aspects in an integrated strategy of sustainable local development.

This Geological Heritage, of high scientific value, is the gateway to the discovery of the history of the Earth. In the Geopark, are countless the occurrences of fossils, rocks, landscapes and mines. Geo-tourism is the perfect way of knowing the Geopark and its valuable treasures. 

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Geomonument Guides (in Portuguese)


The Naturtejo Geopark has 16 different geomonuments, of exceptional geological interest. These geomonuments tell the territory’s story for the last 600 million years.

Among rivers, valleys, hills and plains, we propose the discovery of the Geopark, where the history of the Earth was carved on the rocks and landscapes. Know some of these monuments through its guides.


Monsanto's Granite:
the history of its life
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Discovering the “Conhal do Arneiro”
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Diving in Penha Garcia
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Where were Vila Velha de Ródão’s trunks?
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The rocks touching the vultures
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Walking Trails (in Portuguese)

Geoturist Walking Trails (GeoTrails)


Gardunha Trail

(PR1 CTB) - 17,5 km

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Sarzedas Schist Trail - “In the Mining Wells”

(PR3 CTB) - 17,4 km

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Fossils Trail

(PR3 IDN) - 3 km

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Mines Trail

(PR4 IDN) - 10 km

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Boulders Trail

(PR5 IDN) - 4,5km

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Erges Trail

(PR6 IDN) - 5km

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Balconies Trail

(PR7 IDN) – 17 km

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Boieco Trail

(PR8 IDN) – 4 km

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Our Lady of Almurtão Trail

(PR9 IDN) – 2,1 km

Idanha-a-Nova Trail

(GR12) – 80km

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Historical Villages Trail

(GR22) – 80 KM

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"Conhal" Trails

(PR4 NIS) – 11,2km

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“Conhal” Gold Mine Trail

(PR9 NIS) 8,5km

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Portuguese Way of St James – Nisa Section

(GR40) 35km

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Town Trail

(PR1 PEN) 10km

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The Flight of the Griffon Vulture Schist Trail

(PR3 VVR) 11,3Km

GPS read +
Urban Geology and Archaeology

(PR6 VVR) 8 km

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Invasions Trail

(PR1 VVR) - 8km

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Orvalho GeoTrail

(PR3 OL) 8,9 Km

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"By the Zêzere meanders"

(PR1 OL) – 6,3 km

GPS read +
Very noble town

(PR2 OL) – 7,3 Km

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Zêzere Trail

(GR33) 370 km

GPS read +
International Appalachian Trail “Muradal-Pangea Grand Trail”

(GR38) 37 km

GPS read +
Secrets of the Almourão Valley

(PR2 PNV) 6,5 km

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"Conheiras" Trail

(PR3 PNV) 11 km

GPS read +
Travel by the Earth Bones

(PR6 PNV) 18 km

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Cortiçada Trail

(GR39) – 130 Km


Other Trails in Naturtejo Geopark:

Martim Branco Schist Trail

(PR2 CTB) - 9,5 km

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Marateca Trail

(PR4 CTB) - 14 km

GPS read +
Poço dos Sinos

(PR6 CTB) - 14 km

GPS read +
Olive Press Trail

(PR7 CTB) - 15 km

GPS read +
Watermills Trail

(PR8 CTB) – 23,5 km

GPS read +
Magueija Trail

(PR9 CTB) – 23,5 km

GPS read +
Fountains Trail

(PR11 CTB) – 9,5 km

Olive Groves Trail

(PR12 CTB) – 11,4 km

GPS read +
Olive Grove Trail

(RO CTB) – 8,7 km

GPS read +
Vultures Trail

(PR1 IDN) –10,5km

GPS read +
Egitânia Trail

(PR2 IDN) – 8,5km

GPS read +
Deers Trail

(GR29) – 53 km

GPS read +
St. James Route – Way of Estrela

50 km

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"Jans" Trail

(PR1 NIS) – 11 km

GPS read +
Discovering Tejo

(PR2 NIS) - 4,25km

GPS read +
Looking over the river mouth

(PR3 NIS) - 5,75km

GPS read +
Discovering S. Miguel

(PR5 NIS) - 8,5km

GPS read +
Dams Trail

(PR6 NIS) - 10,6km

GPS read +
Between watermills Montalvão

(PR7 NIS) - 7,5km

GPS read +
Moinho Branco Trail

(PR8 NIS) - 12,4km

GPS read +
Fountains Route

(PR10 NIS) - 18,5km

GPS read +
Virtudes Path

(PR2 VVR) - 8,5 km

GPS read +
Pre History Paths

(PR4 VVR) - 6,5 km

GPS read +
Telhada Path

(PR5 VVR) - 6 km

GPS read +
Fountains Route

(PR7 VVR) - 7,5 km

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Estreito Trails Estreito

(PR4 OL) – 10 Km

GPS read +
“By the Lands of the Kid”

(PR5 OL) – 7,5km

GPS read +
Religious Trail

(RR OL) – 6,5 km

Discovering the Riverside

(DR OL) – 2,5 km

GPS read +
The History in the Landscape

(PR1 PNV) – 9 Km

GPS read +
By the Defense Line

(PR4 PNV) – 14,5 Km

GPS read +
Nooks and Charms Trail

(PR5 PNV) – 11,4 Km

GPS read +
Rockrose fields Trail

(PR7 PNV) – 7,8 Km

GPS read +
Figueira Schist Path

(PR8 PNV) – 6,3 Km

GPS read +
Aldeia Ruiva River Beach Trail

(PFAR PNV) – 2,3 Km

GPS read +
Malhadal River Beach Trail

(PFM PNV) – 1,9 Km

GPS read +
Fróia River Beach Trail

(PFF PNV) – 4,6 Km

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Routes and Thematic Visits

The Geological Heritage is an international treasure, which we need to preserve from all the threats it is permanently exposed to. In order to protect it, we got to first understand its importance to the history of the Earth.

Our monuments' stones:
Catelo Branco Cathedral
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Discovering Idanha-a-Nova’s granites: Urban Geology
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Museums and Geotourism Centers

Castelo Branco Environmental Interpretation Center


This is a space dedicated to the Parque Natural do Tejo Internacional, the natural reserve associated with the Tejo river, an area of acknowledged ornithology importance, where the steeped hills and the river’s drainage basin play a vital role to the preservation of the fauna. This is an interactive exhibition focusing on many aspects of the natural patrimony through interactive applications, where habitats, ecosystems, fauna, flora, geology and soils are discussed. It is also possible to study the geology of the Tejo and Erges rivers, exploring interactively their main structures and geological units.

Rua da Bela Vista - 6000-458 Castelo Branco 
Telephone: +351 272 346 068
Fax: +351 272 348 143

Week days: 9h00 | 12h30 - 14h00 | 17h30
Weekends: closed



Municipal Center of Culture and Developemtn of Vila Velha de Ródão


This museum offers its visitors an ancient and consistent history: an history made out of Cruziana and fossil trunks, ancient utensils and ceramic pots, cave paintings, cannon balls and reminiscent French invasions paintings.

The exhibition is organized chronologically starting with a landscape section, where the geological and geomorfological framing of the region is presented. There is also a tridimensional model of Ródão’s morphology, one of the main formations within the Geopark. The successive periods of the history of this landscape and of the cultural history of this region are well presented in this tour, with a special highlight for the importance of prehistoric paintings.

Largo do Pelourinho - 6030-230 Vila Velha de Ródão
Telephone: +351 272 540 308
Fax: +351 272 540 301

Week days: 09h00 | 12h30 - 14h00 | 17h30
Saturdays: 15h00 | 18h30
Sundays and holidays: closed



Stonemason's Museum, Alcains


This museum has a permanent exhibition which is called “O Labor do Canteiro” or “The Stonemason’s Work”. This exhibition aims to illustrate the art stone carving, particularly the granite that characterizes this region. It focuses on the stone, the techniques and tools used to shape it, contextualizing them socially, historically and economically. The texture and constitution of these rocks are also approached through sensorial modules. This exhibition documents the practices and techniques which permit the carving and aesthetic decoration of the stone and tells the story of this craft’s evolution.


Rua das Fontaínhas, 1. 6005-057 Alcains
Telephone: +351 272 900 220
Fax: +351 272 900 229


Week days: 09h30 | 12h30 - 14h00 | 17h30
Weekends: 14h30 | 18h30
Holidays: 09h30 | 17h30
Closed on Mondays



Paleozoic Centre, Penha Garcia


The Paleozoic Center, future museum, is located in old typical houses in the center of the village of Penha Garcia. Its exhibition entitled “The Trilobites’ world of Sam Gon III” presents this specimen of arthropods, which lived in during the Paleozoic, between 540 million and 240 million years ago, telling the geological story of this region and the planet, through the ichnological fossils of the Ponsul valley.

Posto de Turismo de Penha Garcia
Rua do Espírito Santo - 6060 Penha Garcia
Telephone: +351 277 366 011 | +351 277 366 349


Geology in the Summer

Documents Archive (in portuguese)

Portas do Ródão Route in Kayak
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Penha Garcia Fossils Route
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Living fossils of Penha Garcia
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Journey to the granitic archipelago of Monsanto
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From the “Barrocais” to Monsanto’s inselberg
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Among trunks of wood and stone
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Wolfram wild times
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Mines route
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Portas do Almourão gold
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Castelo Branco’s urban geology – What if stones spoke?


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 Ø  Other geotouristic activities

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-          Terragaze – Geotourism Multimedia System

Other geotourist activities

» Guide of the Portuguese Geological and Mines Sites

» Terragaze - Geotourism Multimedia System



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